Pink, purple, mint, gold, lavender; each represents a different type of cancer. Breast, pancreatic, ovarian, childhood, all of the above and more, respectively.  On October 12, 2021, Rudyard’s Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball teams played against Pickford in the fight to represent these cancers and the people affected by them. Along with the large sum of money Rudyard raised, our Junior Varsity team won a crushing victory over Pickford’s volleyball team. To help raise even more money, our volleyball players sold shirts to raise awareness for cancer. The games themselves were interesting to watch; with concession stands, a raffle, and a total of three of Rudyard’s faculty members getting pied in the face. Those faculty members being Mr. Folkersma (our principal), Mr. Kirschner (our robotics teacher), and Mr. Kwiatkowski (our Industrial Arts and Physical Education teacher). If you missed the game, you can access it on Rudyard’s Facebook page.