Job ID: 2903

Date Available:          08/29/2023   

Qualifications:          Highly Qualified Teach  

                                               Experience working with elementary age children and their families

                                               Demonstrated ability to maintain positive communications

                                              Maintains confidentiality at all times

Reports to:                Elementary Principal     

Position Summary:     Rudyard Area Schools  currently seeks to hire a full time Michigan certified teacher for 1st grade.

  • Must have a valid teaching certificate from an accredited university/college. 
  • Must be Highly Qualified under NCLB requirements for a self-contained elementary teaching assignment.
  • Individuals must be highly motivated, dynamic, energetic teacher committed to working as part of a highly dedicated team to ensure all students receive a top-quality education.
  • Is “open minded” and willing to try different skill sets for the good of the students and the school team.
  • Is data driven and able to meet the needs of all learners through differentiated instruction in the general education classroom.
  • A strength in the areas of building rapport with students and positive parent relationships is a must

Required Skills:

  • Possesses a valid Michigan Teaching Certificate 
  • Understands the State and Common Core State Standards and how to implement them in the classroom and/or individual or small group setting.
  • Prepares and implements curriculum and instruction for the specific grade level taught
  • Creates a classroom environment that is diverse in set up to meet the needs of individual learning styles
  • Plans activities and assignments/projects that is relevant to the student’s individual needs
  • Has a positive attitude and can work well in a team environment
  • Proficient in the use of technology to access electronic databases, grade books, and email.
  • Proficient in classroom and student management techniques
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative manner with parents and professionals
  • Proven ability to implement innovative methods of teaching using offline and online resources will be an added advantage

  Employment:              2023- 2024 School year   

  Evaluation:                Ongoing per state requirement   

  Wages and Fringes: Commensurate with RFT Master Agreement   

  Applications due: Until filled

Apply to: https://www.applitrack.com/eup... 

 Rudyard Area Schools uses the applicant tracking system from Frontline Education to manage employment applications online.